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Asheville, North Carolina

Bio: George Sheldon has had a tremendous career spanning a total of over three decades. Sheldon is originally from the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market where he got his start at WQAM (Florida`s first radio station) in 1984 while @ WQAM he was their weekend overnight personality until the end of 1987 George from that point went onto WAFC AM/FM in Clewiston, Florida as Assistant Program Director and Music Director then six months later in 1988 Returning to Fort Lauderdale to work for WJQY FM (Joy 107 FM) as their mid-day personality and music director and stayed with them until their sign off (format change and call letter change) to a Spanish AC format in the fall of 1994. George also got his start in traffic reporting in South Florida with Metro Traffic Control which later became Metro Networks then later became owned by Westwood One Radio Networks in 1988 now owned by Clear Channel- I-HEART MEDIA/Total Traffic Networks. He was employed with them until late 1997. George flew airborne traffic for WTVJ TV/WSVN TV/WIOD, WINZ, WEDR, WJQY, WMCU, WRBD, WWNN,WJNO,WHYI radio stations. then later a studio anchor for several South Florida radio stations then in October 1997 he was forced out by a budget cut. After that George moved to Asheville, North Carolina to serve out his 2 year non-compete and worked for 'Clear Channel Communications' WKSF (99.9 Kiss Country and WWNC AM 570) He stayed with them from 1997-2000 then in 2000 became a substitute teacher in the North Carolina state public school system for Buncombe County Public Schools, and Yancey County Public Schools. George Left Teaching in May 2012 due to health reasons. In 2003 George was offered to come back to South Florida to join known traffic veteran Joe Brennan as his assistant director of operations and traffic reporter for Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network. That position started December 20th 2004 and lasted until March 6th 2007. He did traffic in the studio for 20 South Florida radio stations from Vero Beach to Key West and voice tracked other market’s such as Savannah, Ga, Macon, GA and markets up and down the eastern seaboard. George had inside knowledge that CC was going to start laying people off because of Clear Channels merger with Bain Capital partners and laid off 7% of their workforce which was around 1,850 between 2007-2009. Because of philosophical programming changes with George’s traffic reporting gig. George was one to go. While in South Florida he taught @ Connecticut School of Broadcasting and Pine Crest School. George returned to the Asheville, NC in 2007 with the idea of starting traffic reporting for a TV station that has never done traffic before and that station was WLOS-TV CH-13 owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. George was with them from April 7th 2008 till January 31st 2013 when George announced his retirement from broadcasting due to severe health reasons. On January 1st 2015 George relocated to Northwest Iowa and continues to forecast weather and with a main focus on climate and has worked on the Siouxland Severe Weather Network on Facebook as well as several public groups and communities. George has been a member of the American Meteorological Society since May 2008 Also a member of the National Weather Association since August 2016. George reports on climate change on several social-media-platforms. In February 2016 George relocated back to the mountains of Western North Carolina and still serves in the same capacity as a climate change reporter and forecaster. I have 20 Facebook groups/17 communities along with posting on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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