How Rising Seas and Coastal Storms Drown

How Rising Seas and Coastal Storms Drowned the U.S. Flood Insurance Program

(Sea level rise and more severe storms are overwhelming U.S. coastal communities, causing billions of dollars in damage and essentially bankrupting the federal flood insurance program. Yet rebuilding continues, despite warnings that far more properties will soon be underwater.)

Inside one of the wildest tornado-chasin

Inside one of the wildest tornado-chasing days ever recorded

(In the world of storm chasers, May 24, 2016, inspires a near-universal fascination. On that day, the panoramic skies stretching over the Great Plains just outside of Dodge City, Kansas, became the backdrop for a dazzling tornado outbreak, when a series of supercell thunderstorms produced at least 12 twisters immediately around the city.
“It was like a Dr. Seuss book of tornadoes,” said Jason Persoff, referencing “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” — one tornado, two tornado, each different in shape and size.)

The Winners and Losers in NASA’s New Bu

The Winners and Losers in NASA’s New Budget Proposal

(As expected, Earth sciences and education will receive cuts in favor of solar system exploration and human spaceflight. NASA’s fiscal year 2018 budget proposal was released today, and some of the priorities of the agency are going to get switched around. The budget suggests $19.1 billion for NASA in 2018, only $561 million less than what the agency received in fiscal year 2017, but human spaceflight and exploration of the solar system are set to take precedence over Earth sciences and educational outreach programs.
The budget proposal still needs approval from Congress, so some program funding might still be altered. For the most part, however, the budget proposal gives us a pretty good look at what NASA will use your $35 a year for. Here are the programs that will blast off into the future, and the ones that will get grounded.)

Prevent epic floods in the first place (

Prevent epic floods in the first place

(Another year; another “record-breaking” flood; another debate about levees. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. It is time to recognize that development in flood plains, wetlands and riparian buffers is causing these catastrophes. It is also time to recognize that nature has provided the only solution that is practical, cost effective and scalable.)