G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm levels were already observed on the 27th of March due to coronal hole high speed stream activity. This continues to Earth’s magnetic field. Geomagnetic conditions are gradually becoming better. Northern lights could been seen in many northern European countries in the following nights.

Stark warning on Atlantic cooling (Clima

Stark warning on Atlantic cooling

(Climatologists say there is an almost 50% chance the Labrador Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean will cool rapidly within a single decade by 2100. For thousands of years, parts of north-west Europe have enjoyed a climate around 5°C warmer than many other regions on the same latitude. But new scientific analysis suggests that that could change much sooner and much faster than thought possible.
Climatologists who have looked again at the possibility of major climate change in and around the Atlantic Ocean, a persistent puzzle to researchers, now say there is an almost 50% chance that a key area of the North Atlantic could cool suddenly and rapidly, within the space of a decade, before the end of this century.)

Temperatures/Climate Change The only cli

Temperatures/Climate Change

The only climate model that projects dropping temperatures. Temperature variations are due to the combined effect of solar irradiance AND solar wind.
Should the scientists had worried about the temperature increase in recent decades? Yes they should. Solar irradiance is dropping since 1950 but temperatures have considerably increased since.